Xencresha's Elfen Lied Tv Review

Rated: 7

I really appreciated Elfen Lied's ability to make me cry. I felt really sorry for all of the characters (especially Lucy) and sympathized with them. There were occasional humorous parts, to relieve the sadness of the story, but the humor was generally just average. There was alot of fanservice... which was kind of dissapointing to me, and many scenes where it didn't seem too nessicary to have Nyu in the nude. This was my first 'horror' anime that I've watched... but it wasn't actually to frightening, probably the only fear I had was Lucy waking up at the wrong time and killing some little girl or something O.o I had no problem getting into it, there were scenes at the end that I just had to see what happened next, so I ended up finishing Elfin Lied in one sitting.

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